0190 - AJ Marion

22:11 video

It's important for a good gal Friday to be both acquiring new skills as well as honing and maintaining the ones they have.  It's time for my typying practice!  I don my pink leather cuffs and collar.  I'm wearing my ankle cuffs with the heel strap, ensuring that I don't kick my heels off under my desk.  I fill my mouth with a black ballgag, and strap it tightly in place.  Then, I commence my typing.  Click clack clickety clack.  The keyboard strokes resound loudly, while the deeper clank of metal D rings hitting the desk intermittently interrupts.

After 10 or so minutes, I ask, "How much longer do I have to wear this?"

The sides of the straps continue to cut into the corners of my mouth, and my jaw begins to ache.  As the discomfort gradually builds, I notice my speed and accuracy decreasing and redouble my efforts to focus on my typing.  Drool occasionally dribbles down my chin, dripping in long strings.  Eventually, I bring the practice session to a close.  I gently pull the gag from my mouth, cooing with relief.


Keywords: galfriday, secretary, high heels, pantyhose, leather cuffs, ankle cuffs, wrist cuffs, pet, doll, gag, ballgag, drool, drooling, candid, consensual, fetish, submissive

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