0234 - Saving the Secretary - AJ Marion & Madalynn Raye

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 “Why did you have to do this? This isn’t very neighborly.” Madalynn complains as she is brought into the room partially bound with her elbows behind her.

“Neighborly… yeah, I really don’t care. You see, you come strutting into the office with your bible and your religion and bringing all that shit in.” I say as I sit next to her, crossing my legs. “You’re welcome to believe those things and live your life that way.

“You’re damn right I am.” she interjects.

“But don’t bring that shit into the office. You check that shit at the door. Because none of us want to hear about it. None of us want to hear about it.” I tell her.

“But, it is my job to help save.” she responds astounded. “And you clearly...”

“No. It is your JOB to do the filing.” I interrupt. “It is your JOB to type out the memos and letters and things that I give you. Go ahead struggle as much as you want sweetheart, you’re not getting out.” I shrug at her. “That is your job. It is not your job to SAAAAVE people in this office. You can save the masses outside of those doors.” I inform her.

“But my job is to be everywhere and to do what I’m supposed to.” she says emphatically.

“Yeah, umm… did you read your job description before you, you know, applied?” I inquire as I retrieve a piece of cloth and a roll of microfoam tape.

“No, it was just filing. I know how to do that. It’s basic.” she practically scoffs.

“So, your job is filing?!” I point out.

She blinks back at me considering.

“But the Lord...” she begins, “has a job for me to do...”

“But the Lord… the Lord has a job, for you, to do, and it’s, to shut your pie hole.” I almost whisper as I cram a the cloth into her mouth. “Yeah. It’s to shut your pie hole. Yeah. Keep those right there… because if you spit them out on the floor I’m going to pick them up and I’m going to stick them back in your mouth. I might like..” I trail off and stamp my foot on the floor, grinding the ball of my shoe into the carpet. “a little bit first.”

“Mmmphhmmmm…” Madalynn complains through the cloth.

“I don’t even know what you just said, but you can be pissed off.” I tell her as I peel some tape free and press it firmly against her face, locking in the fabric filling her mouth.

“Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.” I sing quietly as she protests. The microfoam muffling her mumbling.

“If you’re not nice, if you struggle a bunch, I’m going to get this alllllll fucking over your hair in various places and make sure it wraps up in between the layers and shit. I can do whatever I want. See this is company time, company hours, and right now your job description…” I push her head away from me as I continue to wrap the tape around it. She complies while still complaining. “Thank you... is to sit here and take it. And learn what it is that we want from you in this office. And mostly I want you to answer the phone. I want you to do the typing that I give you. I want you to file stuff.” I continue as Madalynn protests.

I smooth the last of the tape into place, and cup Madalynn’s face in my hands going over my work. Then, I lean in and place a kiss on her gagged mouth, leaving a light pink lipstick mark on the white microfoam.

She squawks repeatedly giving her scorn for my salaciousness sound.

“And what I don’t want you to do, is bring all of that religion up in here.” I remind her once again as I retrieve another bundle of rope from the desk.

“Hmmm, yeah, are you unhappy? You look unhappy. You real cute with that little kiss mark on your face though. So unhappy. Guess what? I think that you could use some more rope. And I want you to know that if you struggle a whole bunch, it’s probably going to make me fuck this up and make it tighter than it needs to be. But, you’re welcome to do that. If you want to make that bed.” I caution Madalynn as I bind her ankles together. She shimmies her shoulders and grumbles her grievances.

“So I just want you to think about what your JOB is in this office, and what your job is when you’re outside of the office. You know, see I’m not telling you you can’t be religious. I’m not telling you you can’t try and save people, I guess from themselves. Is that what you’re saving them from? You’re not saving them from anything useful probably.” I roll my eyes.

“God Loves You!” I mock.

Madalynn whines through her gag, trying to communicate with me.

“Yeah. Okay.” I dismiss.

She wiggles and shimmies and gripes.

“Go ahead, make your case. Make your case. That’s fine.” I finish securing her ankles and begin running my hands up her pantyhose clad legs. She squeals and pulls her legs away.

“Oh you don’t like that? You’re not going to like this either.” I disclose as I push her skirt up her thighs, exposing more of her legs.

“Such a chaste girl! Ah! Ah!” I exclaim, posing with my hands in mock shock over my mouth with my knees together, then spreading my legs wide, flashing the gusset of my pantyhose. Madalynn’s eyes widen with condemnation, and she criticizes me even though her cork.

“I think she called me a harlot.”

“You did…”

“Well, I’m going to leave you like this for a little bit, and if you’re a good girl, I’ll come back, and I’ll let you out. But, if you’re not then, I don’t know. I might add some more rope. We’ll see. Have fun sweetheart.” I say as I leave her.

Madalynn stretches out her long legs. Her patent pumps creak as they rub against one another during her struggles. She eventually looses a heel to the floor, but continues pointing and flexing her foot in her attempts to wriggle free.

“Let’s see… this is your favorite book, right?” I ask as I sit next to her once more holding a bible. “Your favorite book. We’ll have a little lesson right here.” I ponder as I idly open to a random place in the bible. “Yeah, I really just don’t see the appeal.” I consider, flipping to another page.

Madalynn grunts and groans through her gag grumpily, clearly displeased with me. I shut the book loudly.

“I don’t know. I got nothing.” I stare at her, trying to comprehend what she is endeavoring to say.

“You know I usually do pretty good with gag talk, and this one… yeah, nah, I think you need to enunciate better.” I giggle at her as I wander away to discard the bible and gather another piece of rope.

“Oh goodness! Well, I think, that you still seem pretty ornery. And that, you probably haven’t really learned your lesson so… down on the floor.” I point down at the carpet and wait for Madalynn to comply. “Yeah, down on the floor. I’m going to make this… way more unpleasant for you.” I confess.

Madalynn begins to slide down from the couch carefully.

“I’ll even help you if you want.” I reach out toward her, placing a hand on one shoulder.

“Mmm mmm mmm!” she objects sharply.

“Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me! Oooooh…” I taunt as I poke Madalynn over and over again randomly.

She grunts once loudly at me.

“On your belly. Go on.” I gesture to the floor once again.

Madalynn falls onto her side, loosing her other high heel.

“Oh, you lost another shoe. Poor thing.” I criticize as Madalynn maneuvers herself prone.

“Aww, good job!” I praise. “See I hired you because you were so good at following directions.” I uncoil my rope.

“Now let’s see if you can follow this direction. To leave... your personal beliefs…” I loop the rope around her ankle cinch, walk forward on my knees, and lean down with my face near hers. “...at home.”

She groans and glares at me, but I pay it little attention and continue fastening her hogtie rope. I notice that the ends are even, and take the time to correct the issue. She wiggles her butt, lifts her torso off the ground, and mewls into the microfoam.

“It’s unfair. It’s unfair. But, I’m the boss.” I declare and then notice that her ankle tie has come loose. “I’m going to have to fix this now. You made this rope loose. We can’t have that! We don’t want your ankles coming free.” I remark as I begin retying Madalynn’s ankles. She snivels and squirms. “You’re angry. You’re upset. This is unfair. I didn’t do anything. You’re a slut. You’re a harlot. I got ya. I got ya.” I resume fastening the hogtie rope. “Oh this is so hard. Oh I’m so stressed. Oh.” I tease.

Madalynn grumbles in a gravely fashion through her gag.

“I found somewhere to secure it. I don't know how well it’s going to hold. You may be able to pop out. We’ll see what happens.”

Madalynn flexes her toes, drawing my attention, and I can’t resist tickling her nylon clad feet. She squeals with aversion as I rub my hands on her legs. I mimic her whining as I lift her skirt to her hips and begin smacking her exposed ass. Madalynn thrashes around. I pick up her pumps and place them in front of her face, chuckling softly.

“Here are your shoes.” I gently swipe Madalynn’s bangs to one side as I stand and leave her. “Well, you just think about this now. About what your job is.”

Madalynn grunts and groans with her efforts. She rocks on her hips and rolls onto her side, pulling her knees towards her chest. This does nothing to free her, and merely draws the rope between her butt cheeks. She whimpers and eventually flips over to her back, pinning her bound arms beneath her. She thrusts her hips up repeatedly, swiveling them at the apex. She eventually rotates over onto her other side, moving her mouth minutely in the microfoam with muffled mewlings. She finally flips back onto her stomach, arching high into the air. She flounders around on the floor furious with the fix she’s in.

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