0237 - Pink Pet in the Corner - AJ Marion & David Andrews

11:47 video

 Starring: AJ Marion & David Andrews

This pink pet is hoping to make you purr! I’m wearing a bright pink bra, pantie, and garter set, a pair of latte backseam stockings, and bright pink 6” sandals. I sigh and breath purposefully as I walk in my stilettos a little unsteady.

“What you’re experiencing now is called ‘torture standing.’” David states.

I laugh. “Oh my god. The sides of legs are screaming at me. Not the upper...it’s not my shins, and it’s not my calves. It’s the side. Yeah.” I explain to David as he massages my leg a little with one hand.

“Oh there’s more.” I realize as I hear the jingling of metal. David wraps the white leather strap around my elbows, cinching it tightly.

“Oh that’s just brutal is what that is. You’re welcome.” he tells me.

“Thank you?” I reply.

He turns me around and checks the distance between my elbows. Lots of audible, intentional breathing. I prepare myself for a large pair of white satin panties to be crammed into my mouth. David makes sure to push the panties into my cheeks. Then, white vetwrap is wound around my head, locking my lips in a permanent O position. I whine and sigh.

David grabs me by the throat and maneuvers me around, inspecting me. He seats me in a nearby chair. I groan loudly with relief after standing in the torturous heels. David returns with another leather strap.

“Okay. Let’s get your legs all nice and tightly strapped. And then, you can sit there and suffer in the chair for my amusement.”

“Mmmhmm.” I coo back.

I whimper as I begin to wriggle around in my bondage. I mewl and strain and stretch, suffering for the onlooker’s pleasure. I sling my legs up over the chair arm, showing a long line of body. Eventually, I make my way down to the floor on my knees, presenting my posterior. I wiggle my ass and lift my feet in the air. I shimmy around on my knees, turning around once again. Finally, I knee crawl my way over to you, settling between your legs to languish.

Keywords: pink pet, lingerie, high heels, pantyhose, tights, stockings, garters, suspenders, vetwrap, wrap around gag, submissive, bdsm, leather straps

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