0053 - AJ Marion, Sandra Silvers, Ruth Cassidy, Lisa Harlotte, Caroline Pierce,

26:00 video

All on Screen, Two Buxom Broads, Sandra and Ruth, are deceived and Bound by Four Other Women!
Sandra has been working alongside Ruth, AJ, Caroline, Pling and Lisa forever   Sandra is dragged into the loading bay by the aggressive quintet. She is pushed up against a pole and the women all take part in roping her to it. The ropes get ultra-tight as they coil around her and the poll. With so many hands involved, Sandra’s clothes get torn, revealing her huge tits and pantyhose-ed curves. In the process, she is groped aggressively.  She fights vigorously the whole time, but there are just too many against her.  The finally completely subdue Sandra and take a moment to admire their handiwork and her sexy struggles.  Buxom, built. Just what the buyer wants.  Someone else in the group fits that description. Ruth. And the other 4 girls know it. In fact, they’ve had a plan the whole time to sell Ruth along with Sandra. The fearsome foursome pounces on the long-legged and unsuspecting damsel.  Eventually, she joins Sandra in a similar situation. Bound and gagged to a pole, exposed and protesting. The duo try their best to escape, but the ropes are too tight.  Taking a step back to rest after subduing the pair of products, AJ offers Pling a chair. As soon as she sits the remaining three are upon her!  Continued next week with “Four Fearful Femmes Prepared for Sale!”

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