0054 - AJ Marion, Sandra Silvers, Ruth Cassidy, Lisa Harlotte, Caroline Pierce,

16:13 video

All On-Screen, Two Lithe Ladies Join Two Captive Broads to be Bound and Sold!
Continued from 0053
AJ offers Pling a chair to take a break after the foursome finally subdued the big-titted broads now tied to the poles before them.  But it’s a trap for Pling and the terrible trip of AJ, Caroline and Lisa attack her. They pin her to the chair and tape Pling’s mouth shut.  Pling fights mightily, but she is a tiny woman and unable to fight off her attackers.  As more and more ropes go on, more and more of her blouse gets torn off in the process.  Soon, she joins the other two captives in a futile struggle for freedom.  It won’t come. As AJ checks the ropes of the bound and gagged threesome, Caroline and Lisa realize that she is built quite similar to Pling and could fetch a tidy sum as well.  As AJ takes a seat to gaze upon her soon-to-be-sold former friends, Caroline distracts her as Lisa sneaks up behind her with rope… and the duo attacks! AJ’s arms are pinned behind her and tied to the chair, her long legs are wrapped with rope and more rope fastens her to the chair back.  Her angry admonitions are stifled by duct tape.  Caroline and Lisa are pretty proud of themselves. They’re going to  make a mint on this job. Caroline gets distracted by the two pair of big, beautiful breasts and Lisa takes it as her opportunity to strike!
Continued Next week in “Six Sexy Sirens Prepared for Sale!”

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