0059 - AJ Marion & Mr Ogre

19:39 video

Ogre is sitting on the couch, browsing his emails on his phone.  There is a XXXX at the door and AJ comes in, visiting from next door.  Her husband is away on business and she is feeling lonely so she comes to see why all the girls come in and out of his house all the time.  She comes on to him, rather obviously, and he suggests she may not be into the good times he likes to have.

She presses him for an honest answer and he says he likes to tie girls up.  She decides to give it a go, see where this ends up so he ties her wrists together in front of her as a trial run sort of thing.  She seems to take the rope well enough, although her wrists were bound a bit too tight.  He offers to do it better, this time, more real.  She is willing to go with things and he has her stand up.

AJ puts her arms together behind her back and Ogre starts a ladder tie going up from her wrists to her elbows.  This rope gets anchored around her shoulders so the elbows don't come free.  He grabs her from behind and teases her, before depositing her on the couch with her ankles together.  Rope soon circles them and he binds her lower legs together, moving up to her lower thighs.  A ballgag gets stuffed into her mouth and he straps it down super tight.  She keeps on trying to talk to him through the gag but is difficult to understand.

Ogre flips her over onto her face on the couch and she complains and kicks and whines.  He ropes her forearms around her waist and then puts a hairtie in, pulling it back to her ankles.  After he turns her down again, she starts fighting the rope and manages to pull her hair free while he's on the phone calling her husband!  He reattaches the hair rope, this time lifting her legs up more before tying it off.  AJ manages to kick a shoe off but pretty much languishes until the footage runs out.


Keywords: ballgag, gag, vintage dress, pantyhose, high heels, rope, bondage

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