0061 - AJ Marion & Mr Ogre

17:42 video

Having had the office open for a little over a year, Mr. Ogre decides it's time for a performance review for all the employees at Ogre's World.  Seeing as how there really is only the one employee, the beautiful and plucky AJ Marion, she can't exactly have a peer review.  Since she is in charge of all of the paperwork around the office, she has to do a self review of everything except the most hands on sort of work needed around here.  So Ogre sets up a flexibility test for AJ by tying her up.

She twirls around the office, showing off her black skirt and sweater top with a pair of super hot teal high heel sandals with ribbon ties around the ankles.  Ogre has her turn with her hands behind her back and binds her wrists together, then XXXX her elbows together tightly.  That rope ends up wrapping around her chest, pinning her arms to her back.

Her right leg is then bound in a ladder frogtie, pushing her heels back toward her ass.  Another rope is pulled around her wrists and waist, pinning her lower arms even tighter against her, preventing any movement and testing the flexibility in her shoulders.  AJ is soon ballgagged and then lowered to the ground.  Mr. O finally pulls up her left ankle and ties her in a one legged hogtie to her hair.  Some photographs are taken to put in her file and Ogre then has to run upstairs of the office to take care of something while she rolls around uncomfortably on the ground.


Keywords: rope, bondage, consensual, pantyhose, high heels, ballgag, gag

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