0062 - AJ Marion

11:01 video

It's time to warm up and stretch!  I'm listening to some music through my earbuds and bouncing around.  I go through a variety of stretches, arching, bending, rolling, and reaching through my postures.  I transition to the floor for some butterfly stretching.  The soles of my feet pressed firmly together, I wiggle my toes as I lean forward and rock gently.  Standing, I begin a releve sequence.  Knowing that balance and ankle strength are areas in which I am attempting to increase ability, I focus intently on the exercise.  Moving through turned out and parallel second and first positions and finishing with several lifts, I do not hear or notice the man entering through the doors behind me.  As I gently press back down from my held balance, he violently grabs me, a large hand covering my mouth and arm encircling my chest!  I kick and flail aggressively, my legs swinging in the air.  I reach up with both hands, clutching at the man's forearm, attempting to rip his hand off of my face.  He drags me over towards the coffee table and chair.  I manage to get my feet on the tabletop, but can't gain any traction.  My feet slip and slide on the slick surface.  We fall back and down into the chair, but I can already feel by body getting heavy.  I thrash, but eventually, everything goes dark.

I awake to find myself bound, rather uncomfortably, across the coffee table.  My toes turned under.  My wrists secured to my ankles beneath the table.  A panel gag muffling my grunts and protestations.  I wriggle around, my movements rather minuscule due to my precarious position.  I squeal and moan into my gag, lifting my head and looking around.  My captor returns to relax and lounges in the leather chair, resting his boots in my lap.  I groan and pull against my bonds.  He inspects his work, and my body, fingers digging into my thighs.  Straddling me, he  casually reaches out, and places a full water cup on my stomach.  I immediately become remarkably still and quiet, my attention entirely on balancing the container of liquid.  Witnessing my discipline and focus, my assailant softly tickles my hips, fingertips working delicately.  I squeal and shriek, unable to maintain my composure for very long.  The cup slowly tips forward, and water dumps forth washing over my face.  I cough and XXXX and gag, trying to catch my breath and clear the water from my nostrils and eyes.  My aggressor returns to further torment and humiliate me, pulling down my leotard, exposing and groping my pert breasts.  Finally, he leaves me.  Crying and whimpering.


Keywords: damsel in distress, dancer damsel, DID, legwarmers, barefoot, leotard, panel gag, bare legs

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