0070 - AJ Marion

5:27 video

With a firm grip on my throat, the man rolls me to the corner of a cement block room. I cough as the pressure on my windpipe restricts my airflow. He gives his attention to a large white cloth as I plead for release. My words falling on deaf ears, he grabs my chin and stuffs the cloth into my mouth. Black vetwrap is then wound around my face, securing the stuffing in place, and muffling my whines. I am then left to my situation. I wiggle and shimmy in my precarious seated position. I try to move the office chair forward with the flailing of my bound body. I manage to pull my petite, pantyhosed feet out of my pumps. They dangle from the ropes, the heels hooked in the bites. I lift my legs in the air and kick my feet, hoping the ropes encircling my ankles will release. I grunt and squeal into my gag. Pulling and reaching for the floor with my toes, I strain against my bonds. After some time, the man returns, hoists me onto his shoulder (chair and all), and begins walking to what awaits me next...

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