0092 - AJ Marion & Mr Ogre

15:08 video

AJ Marion and Mr. Ogre do a bit of pantyhose encasing, a surprise clip according to Ogre, just before he admits it was her idea initially. Pantyhose encasement with zipties instead of tape or rope. AJ is wearing a black thong style panty and super high heeled tstraps. The clip starts with Ogre pulling the pantyhose up over her arms and then down over her head, causing some distress with her hair pins and trying to not pull her hair out too much with it.
Once she is snugly contained within the pantyhose, her arms go together behind her back first. Wrists together, then elbows and soon her arms are wedged firmly together with industrial strength zipties. There is no getting her arms free for sure. Her ankles are next, followed by her knees and she is completely helpless within her confinement. Ogre then bends her knees and pulls a ziptie around her thigh and her shins, XXXX her into a hogtie position. She squirms a bit, showing how much movement she has. The extra pantyhose legs are wrapped and bound to the zipties here and there.
Finally its time to gag the vixen and a rag is stuffed into her mouth, which is then anchored in place with a cloth wrapped around another ziptie. She is silenced pretty effectively and is completely helpless at this point. Two more zipties and the bondage is done: one encircles her waist, anchoring her arms against her torso and the other is wrapped tightly around her calves causing her to grunt in discomfort. Ogre takes a couple of photographs and then leaves her to wriggle. The camera zooms in and shows her in her distress.

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