0103 - AJ Marion & Mr Ogre

13:22 video

After coming home to another handmade Valentine from some random guy I met at the market, I wonder if it's time to bring his behavior to the attention of the police. Just as I'm contemplating this, I'm grabbed from behind and shoved down on the table as a ball wrapped cloth is crammed into my mouth. I whine through the gag and struggle with my stalker, but am easily overpowered. He binds my wrists and secures them around my waist. The ropes are tight and dig into my body.

He grabs my ponytail and pulls me to standing, forcing me onto my tiptoes. I squeal and squeak as he pulls my hair. I'm roughly thrust back down bending over the table and my elbows are firmly bound together. With few options, I rummage around in the man's coat pocket.

“What are you doing? Are you trying to go for some more rope?

“You want more rope?”

I mumble a response.

“You're a dirty girl...” he jests.

I find a bundle and throw it across the room. This only serves to irritate him. After tormenting me a touch, he sits me in a chair, and begins binding my knees. I buck and kick and him, but he's removed nearly all of my leverage. My thighs are tethered together as Mr Ogre taunts me with what's to come. As rope is added to my ankles, I stamp my feet and raise my legs in the air, annoying my assailant. After he finishes fastening me to the chair, he leaves me to retrieve more toys for “our” enjoyment.

I strain against the ropes, twisting, turning, and torquing however I'm able. I try to examine my restraints, hoping to glimpse a reachable knot to release. I bang my feet loudly on the wood floor in frustration. I grunt and cry until eventually giving up or wearing out.

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