0105 - AJ Marion & David Andrews

18:25 video

It's been a while since I've received any bondage bunny training, and my friend David Andrews is more than happy to comply with my request. I sit down at the T bar as instructed and rope is applied to my wrists.
"I'm already wiggling." I grin up at David. "This is either a really good sign, or a really bad sign."
I bounce and rock side to side on my exposed ass. The excited energy moves through my body and is obvious in my wiggling toes and rocking legs. I playfully kick a tights encased foot at David as he settles on the floor preparing to cuff my ankle. Taking the opportunity to tickle the bottom of my foot produces no results.
"Nope. Not today. Maybe some other time." I respond.
I squirm and peek around the T bar, watching David as my ankles are secured to the base corner rings. As he sits next to me to tie my other ankle, I stare at him with a cheshire grin and shake by foot furiously. With three points pinned down, David retrieves a length of rope to lift my knees off the ground.
"Because, I'm not gonna leave it there unless you make me. It's just not gonna happen." I laugh up at David. "At least I'm honest."
I slide around and twist as I'm bound to the banner T. A neck rope pulls my hands in front of my face, further restricting my movement and play. Finally, a waist wrap presses my pelvis into the hard steel. I wriggle and shimmy, exploring what minor maneuverability is left to me. A large purple bandana is crammed in my mouth, and matching vetwrap is wound around my head. My knee ropes are shortened,
completely lifting my legs off the base and further minimizing my movement. I breath and moan through my gag, focusing on maintaining my position.


Keywords: leotard, legwarmers, consensual

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