0106 - AJ Marion & Claire le Lune

12:56 video

I walk in with Claire le Lune partially bound and toss her onto the leather couch. I sling a leg over her, holding her down.

“Come here. How you doing? I'm going to get real close for just a second.” I gleefully tell Claire as I wrap my arm around her head and push a dark purple ballgag into her mouth. I clasp the gag, push her back down on the couch, and stride away to retrieve more rope.

“Oh, you're such a good girl following directions.” I mock as I grab her long legs, and bind her ankles. Claire whines and writhes on the sofa.

“Oh...you whine so pretty...so pretty...” I tease as I imitate her whimpers.

After grabbing another length of rope, I mount Claire in reverse and sit on her torso. I lash her knees together and run my hands over body. I then leave her to consider her situation.

She squirms and slides on the sofa, sitting up to continue her struggling. Claire lifts her legs in the air and kicks in frustration. She flexes and stretches and moans. Working her way to the floor, she shimmies and bends. Claire rolls around on the rug and rubs her legs against the carpet attempting to release her restraints.

“Look at you! You made it onto the floor.” I state as I reenter the room. I lift Claire by her elbows as she flings her upper body onto the cushions. I shove her with my hip, and she flops completely onto the couch.

“Nice job! That was impressive.” I acknowledge. “Did you hurt yourself?”

Claire shakes her head.

“Damn… Damn!” I snatch the rope I brought with me and maneuver Claire into a better position. I secure the byte to her wrists and pull it taught between her ankles. I'm sure to knot the hogtie away from Claire's exploring fingers. Knowing my captive is completely bound and helpless, I unbutton her blouse and caress her once more.

“Alright, I'll be back for you later.”

Claire blubbers through her ballgag as I leave her bra bare and bound.

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