0107 - AJ Marion & Mr Ogre

18:36 video

It's St Patrick's Day, and I've been out celebrating all day. I met this interesting guy, Mr Ogre, and decided to bring him back to my place for some fun. We relax on the couch and begin some light petting.

“You ever thought about trying to be a little kinky?” Mr Ogre asks.

I pull back and question him, reluctantly acquiescing to his request to tie be up. He goes out to his car and retrieves some rope. I nervously rub my tights as we chat.

I turn around, and Mr Ogre ties my wrists behind my back. He then secures the rest around my waist. Next he binds my ankles, hooking the rope over my heels, and goes back to kissing my neck. I complain a little about not being able to interact with him as much now.

“Tell you what. Let's add some more rope!” he pats my leg and grabs another length of nylon. I protest and debate him. He responds passively, and winds the rope around my knees.

“You don't think this is fun?” he asks.

“Um...it is fun, but it's reached a point where it doesn't need to be any more fun.” I attempt to convince him.

“You don't need any more fun?”

“I am sufficiently amused...entertained...more words I'm certain...” I trail off.

Mr Ogre cinches my knees ropes down tightly. At this point, I've had enough.

“I think maybe it's time we said good night.” I tell Mr Ogre.

“I think maybe you need to think about, calling in sick to work tomorrow.” Mr Ogre retorts.

I lean away and argue with him as he tries to bind my elbows. I complain and quarrel. Having had enough of my lip, Mr Ogre grabs my ponytail and shoves a pair of panties into my mouth. Next, white electrical tape is wound around my head, squeezing my face. I stand and try to hop away, but Mr Ogre easily lifts and tosses me onto the couch. Relatively helpless, Mr Ogre adds rope to my forearms and elbows; then pulls down my skirt. A chair is brought over, and Mr Ogre lifts me from the floor. He bends me over the back of the chair and ties me to it. A piece of rope is attached to my hair and pulls my head cruelly back. Pleased with my predicament, Mr Ogre leaves me to suffer and await my fate.

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