0108 - AJ Marion

5:35 video

It's time for more bondage bunny training and play! I lay on my belly kicking my feet, wrists cuffed behind me. Ben enters and begins lowering the winch. He loops my wrist rope over the hook and raises it. I adjust the cuffs to balance the pull. Ben gradually raises the winch, inch by inch. I moan softly as my body adjusts to each new level. Eventually, my torso is lifted off the work bench, and I press my ass back to modify the angle and stress of my shoulders. Ben lowers the winch, and I lay back down. I receive a slight moment of reprieve, as my ankles are hooked as well.

I point and flex my feet testing the ropes, not that there is much I can do other than request a modification and hope it's granted. Once more, Ben incrementally raises the winch, and I'm lifted off the table. I vocalize more audibly as I deal with the weight pulling on my wrists and ankles. I hang for a few moments before Ben lowers me back down. I grunt loudly as I reach the bench, and immediately begin focusing on my breathing.

Ben removes my wrist rope from the hook, and lifts my arms high in the air. The winch begins to raise once more, and I am hoisted up feet first. As my ankles continue to rise, my body is XXXX to curve and bear weight over progressively less space until I am resting solely on my chest. Soon, I am lowered again.

Finally, both ropes are looped over the winch's hook, and the controls are placed in my hand! Ben presses my thumb down on a button, and I begin to lift off the table. I find a nice height and settle in. I push my butt up, curling into a ball. I drop my hips, sometimes legs apart, sometimes together; constantly adjusting my positioning and thus the strain on my body. Lifting and twisting and flexing. I coo and breathe and moan as I move. Eventually, I decide I can't take the stress any longer and lower myself to the cushion. I groan forcefully as my shoulders release.

Ben reenters and rubs my back as he takes the controls from me. Then, just as I'm thinking I've done a good job and get to rest, he raises the winch one final time just enough to put me only on my stomach. I whimper pitifully, as I am left and the lights are turned off.

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