0121 - AJ Marion & Mudlover

11:05 video

Mudlover pushes the bit into my smiling mouth and clasps it tightly in place. Next, a cruel crotch rope is pulled firmly behind me and wedged between the trees. I whimper and moan through my gag. My ankles are bound individually to the trees, but I can do little other than lift my bare legs a few inches. My high heels sink into the soft dirt, and I try to keep my weight on the balls of my feet. I wiggle and squirm as I explore my bonds. The rough bark of the tree scrapes my back as my wrist restraints keep me close to the trunk. The knot of the crotch rope presses oppressively into my tender flesh. I grunt as my movements only further to frustrate me.

Next, I find myself suspended between three trees by my hips, wrists, and ankles. Mudlover returns to replace my bit gag, and add a bit extra “support.” This support being a crotch rope jerked up into place and secured above me. I squeal and squeak in response. I lay back in the ropes, high pitched vocalizations coming with every breath. I groan and whimper as I endure my bondage. I grab the ropes and pull myself up. I focus intently and breathe rhythmically. My body quivers with the effort. Eventually, I lay back once again exhausted, mind filled with the sensations screaming through my body. I blubber and cry, my head hanging back. Mudlover decides I've had enough and releases my ankles. As my feet touch down, I thank him for my reprieve.

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