0126 - AJ Marion, Lizz Andrews, & David Andrews

15:00 video

My heels click on the hardwood floor as Lizz Andrews leads me into the office and bends me over the front of the desk. She lifts my dress and runs her hands over my ass and up and down my pantyhose.

“What nice little panties you have here.” she comments before standing me up and spinning me around.

“Open your pretty little mouth.” Liz instructs as she pushes a pink ballgag between my lips.

I squeak and whimper as it is clasped tightly in place. David reaches around and pinches my nipple.

“You're making her squirm too much!” Lizz complains. “I'm done with her…” pausing a moment as she looks me over, “no, I lied.” she decides as she molests me further. She gropes my breasts and shoves me farther onto the desk.

“I think we've got a little pervert on our hands.” she smiles and swings a length of rope around before handing it to David. Lizz climbs onto the desk straddling my body from behind as David lifts my legs into air and begins tying my ankles. Her hands continue to roam my body as she taunts me.

“Are you secretly enjoying this? I think your nipples say you are.” she giggles.

Once my ankles are secured, David holds them higher and grabs me by the throat, leaning me back.

“Now what was that about her nipples?” he asks. “Make sure that they get squeezed.”

I grunt as Lizz pinches my nipples cruelly. They continue to explore and torment my body to my protestations.

“We've got other things to do, come on, let's go.” Lizz declares as she swats David's hand away.


“I mean she's fun and all, but this isn't the main part.”

“Fine.” David conceeds. “You should probably hang out and watch her.” He checks my elbow ropes and leaves to retrieve some bag.

“I can't believe he left me here to babysit you.” Lizz sighs as she circles the desk and leans over me. “So, I guess you better make this entertaining for me...or you know...I'm sure there are some mean things in...” she trails off as she searches the drawers. “Oh! There are some super mean things in this desk!” she exclaims.

I hear metal pieces clanking together.

“Like this.” Lizz states as she pulls out a nipple clamp and threatens me with it.

I frantically shake my head and blubber through the ballgag.

“Even meaner things...” Lizz continues.

I cry and squirm, and she eventually puts it away.

Opening another drawer, “Oh, look at all this tape in here!” Lizz says excitedly. “Maybe that ballgag's just not enough.” she considers.

Bored with me, she goes to check on David. He returns and checks over his rope work before leaving me to struggle in my bonds. I wiggle and writhe, sliding on the slick desk. I roll around, hoping to loosen my restraints. My attempts are in vain as they are too tight.

Lizz drags in a chair when she returns and proceeds to sit and harass me. Finally, David returns with several more bundles of rope. Lizz seems confused as to why he has more rope and questions him.

“I want to get her more tightly packaged.” he explains as Lizz smacks and grabs my ass.

“Yeah, she definitely needs some more rope.” Lizz stands and looms over me.

David seizes Lizz's arms pulling them behind her, and she instinctively struggles and slaps at him.
“What are you doing anyway? This isn't some kind of weird sex game is it?” she queries as she calms slightly.

“Yes. That's exactly what it is. It's a weird sex game.” he blows her off and continues to bind her wrists behind her. Lizz gripes and complains. David sits Lizz back down on her chair, and retrieves a red ballgag from a desk drawer. He pushes it into her mouth and she whines and kicks. Next, David ties her ankles together and to a leg of the chair. A length of rope wrapped around Lizz's waist, and secured to the chair back. A final piece straps her shiny thighs to the seat.

I watch on as the scene unfolds, struggling against my own restraints, and knocking several bundles of rope to the floor. His work on his accomplice complete, Mr Andrews moves over to me. He loops a length from my ankles to my elbows, arching me into a hogtie. David wanders back over to Lizz, grabbing handfuls of breast and rubbing drool on her before leaving us once more.

We shimmy and slide and writhe in our bondage; our efforts producing only fatigue. We squeak and cry past our gags, strings of drool streaming down our chins.

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