0128 - AJ Marion, Sandra Silvers, Lisa Harlotte, & Ruth Cassidy

10:29 video

Sandra, Ruth & AJ, Three 3 Zip-Tied MILFs in Girdles, Groped by Mistress Lisa!
What’s your favorite shape of damsel in distress? Do you like them super-lean and athletic? How about a tall, big-boobed amazon? Maybe you prefer a curvy, buxom MILF? Lisa can’t make up her mind so she nabbed all three.  The three pretty prisoners are cruelly pulled into precarious positions by the painful plastic.  The topless trio is also gagged with a blue ballgag, just bigger than each can comfortably accommodate, and they, too, are ziptied into place. AJ's on the floor, arms behind her and around a table leg. Her feet sole to sole and each toe on her right foot tethered to its partner on the left. Ruth is secured to a chair. Biting plastic around her massive mammaries turns them into glorious globes.  All tem of her fingers are zipted at the outermost knuckle and painfully pulled back to her wrists. Every twitch is agony. The cruelest confinement is reserved for Sandra. Hogtied on the table, not only are her limbs tightly tethered together, but all of her toes and all of her fingers are ziptied as well. Her hands are in prayer position with each finger on one hand agonizingly tied to its mate on the other. Each of her toes is individually pulled back. No amount of struggling brings any relief. To make matters worse, the 2.5 inch ballgag is causing Sandra to involuntarily form a pool of her own drool in front of her face. She can’t rest her head without taking a bath in her own saliva. 
Lisa comes in with a pair of linesman’s pliers to trim all the long ends off the zipties and leave tiny little sharp points to discourage any undue struggling. None of the girls are safe from Lisa’s roaming hands…

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