0132 - AJ Marion, Sandra Silvers, & Ruth Cassidy

20:11 video

On Screen Zip Tie Terror for 3 Sweater-Bound, Skirted MILF Secretaries in the Abandoned Trailer!
The voluptuous, silver-haired, Sandra, was first.  He drags the duct tape gagged milf in by her zip tied wrists. Another zip tie is added between her hands and a hook, pulling her arms far over her head. He takes his time zip tying her tits, knees and ankles. He's not done with her, but leaves momentarily as she dangles in her high heels while he gets his second victim from the truck.  The amazon redhead, Ruth, is next.  He's got her hands zip tied behind her back and a fistful of her flaming locks. She's pushed to the floor and is treated to a similar cinching as Sandra around her massive mammaries and long legs.  He carries lithe and limber AJ in over his shoulder.  She is already zip tied and wrists and ankles.  Tossing her onto the counter, he denies her the relative comfort of her position and with a few more ties, he hobbles the high-heeled hottie into a hogtie.  Each of his hostages have vastly different sized breasts, but each is also a perfect paragon of their size.  And he wants a peek. The girls tight turtlenecks are torn open, letting the sweater puppies lose.   Then each gal gets an unwelcome gift of a gob stuffed with torn sweater and sealed in with duct tape.   He has a few more industrial zip ties left and that means that there is one last  torment awaiting Sandra.  One last torment awaits Sandra a Zip Tie Crotch Rope.  The pernicious plastic is pulled painfully upon her pantyhose-d pussy and secured to a zip-tie around her waist.  Each struggle is agony. He takes a few photos to text to his accomplice. He should be there to pick them up within the hour...

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