0134 - AJ Marion

5:08 video

I squeak and whine through the tape covering my mouth as the man carries me slung over his shoulder. Eventually, we come to a run down trailer, and he sets me down. He keeps an arm linked through mine in order to better control me. My knees and ankles bound, I cannot even kick at him to try and get away. My arms are stretch up above me and secured to the decorative metal post. Once adequately restrained, he wanders in front of me observing his prize. He grabs my ankle ropes and lifts my legs in the air. I struggle and strain as I hang by my wrists. A final check of my gag, and he leaves me to my predicament.

I wiggle and swivel and cry. My high heels squeak as they rub together with my efforts.

The man returns, releasing my wrists. I am then hoisted up, cradled, and carried into the trailer. The door closes sealing my fate.

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