0151 - AJ Marion, Sandra Silvers, Samantha Grace, Jackie Christianson, Vivienne

9:21 video

Part 7 of 8 of an 8-MILF, Movie-Length, Mini-Series Event!
This Episode: Crazy Captor AJ Becomes Comely Captive #7 once KO'd by Caroline! All On-Screen!
Previous Episode:  Long-Legged European Seductress Becomes 6th Sexy Slave! All On-Screen!

All on Screen - AJ and Caroline stand proudly over their handiwork. On the floor before them is a hexad sexy struggling secretaries all tightly tied up and topless. Looking at the inventory bound and gagged beauties before her, thoughts of all the money this sale will generate are running though AJ's head. Caroline is thinking the same thing, but instead of surveying the restrained MILFs on the floor, her attention is squarely on AJ... Soon-to-be captive number seven.In a flash, Caroline's arm is around AJs neck! The thoughts of easy-street are instantly replaced with the harsh reality of betrayal. Now Caroline get to sell seven sirens for a higher price without the inconvenience of splitting it two ways. WIth AJ's throat in the crook of Caroline's elbow, there is no way the lithe loud-mouth will be able to shake loose.  Caroline locks her one arm in place with her other and the XXXXer-hold is complete. It's only a matter of time before AJ succumbs to the grabble and goes XXXX. As the horrified half-dozen of helpless hotties looks on, Caroline begins to tie the dormant damsel. Just as the final knot is being fixed, AJ awakens. Being bound and gagged hasn't made her any less amenable, or quiet.  That's OK, though, Caroline wasn't expecting her to be, and it makes gagging AJ all the more pleasurable. A rag is stuffed into AJs maw and, just as each of the struggling sorority before had, Micro foam tape is wrapped around and around her head sealing it in.  AJ is placed on the pretty pile of topless tied tarts. She is to share in their fate.  Now all Caroline has to do is wait for the buyers to arrive.  They won't mind that Caroline is only delivering seven of the agreed upon eight ladies....right?
Next Week: Caroline Captured, Making 8 Bound & Gagged MILFs Loaded into the Van!

Starring: Sandra Silvers, Ruth Cassidy, Samantha Grace, Lisa Harlotte, Jackie Christianson, Vivienne Velvet, Caroline Pierce, AJ Marion

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