0158 - AJ Marion, Sandra Silvers, Lisa Harlotte, Vivienne Velvet, & Ruth Cassidy

14:36 video

Nurse Lisa Gives Bondage Orgasm Therapy to Mummified MILF Sandra as 3 Mummified MILFs watch!
Part 2 of 5
Continued from Update 0157

Nurse Lisa looks at her chart. The first of her four patients is Sandra. Intense Bound Orgasm Therapy. She pushes her rolling tray of instruments over the struggling, curvy captive in the hospital bed. Sandra is completely encased.  Her bare feet, pleading eyes and impressive tits are all that are exposed. Lisa examines the patient, takes her vitals and decides the best course of action. She uses safety scissors to cut a triangle out of the wrap right above Sandra's pussy, just big enough to insert the business end of an eight-speed vibrator. She makes Sandra endure an orgasm on each speed.  All the while Lisa her patients beautiful boobs with her lips and tongue. Once the wand as exhausted its speeds, it's time for some digital stimulation of the clitoris.  The whole time the other mummified patients, Ruth, AJ and Vivienne, watch in a panic as their asylum sister is worked over. Lisa slips her left hand through the opening int he wrap, finds Sandra's clit and generously massages it, causing Sandra to climax again and again. All the while Lisa is using her free hand to grope the helpless patient. Sandra bucks and writes and collapses into the bed. This has been a successful therapy.  Lisa has one more instrument left.  A traditional chrome vibrator. She nests it inside Sandra's labia and turns it on low. That will keep Sandra in a constant state of orgasm while Lisa attends to her other patients.  Let's see, who's next.  Ah, the tall redhead with massive tits, Ruth Cassidy.
Part 3 Ruth Cassidy - Severe Breast Torture Therapy
Followed by
Part 4 AJ Marion - Extreme Foot Tickling Therapy
Part 5 Vivienne Velvet - Aggressive Corporal Punishment through Spanking Therapy

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