0159 - AJ Marion, Sandra Silvers, Lisa Harlotte, Vivienne Velvet, & Ruth Cassidy

14:36 video

Nurse Lisa Gives Severe Breast Torture Therapy to Mummified Big-titted Amazon Redhead as 3 Mummified MILFs watch!
Part 3 of 5
Continued from Update 0158

This is a tall order, literally. At nearly six feet in bare feet, the long legged, massively mammaried Amazon redhead Ruth's glorious globes are at the perfect height for Nurse Lisa to theXXXXutically punish. Lisa begins with her hands, aggressively kneading Ruth's bountiful breasts. Ruth thinks to herself, "this isn't so bad...", then suddenly "OH MY GOD!"  as Lisa clamps Ruth's nipples unmercifully between thumbs and forefingers. Ruth's eyes begin to tear up at the sensation. List in unrelenting. The nipple torture continues with Lisa's fingers and teeth, eventually leading to stainless steel Thai sticks and eventually topped off with aligator clamps. Ruth can barely move and screams into her gag at each increased level. She pulls at Ruth nipples, scratches at her tits. Ruth busks and moans into her gag, but can not get away. The other patients look on with a combination of XXXX and excitement. the timer goes off and Lisa decides to leave the clamps in place as she moves onto her next patient, the lithe AJ Marion...
Part 4 AJ Marion - Extreme Foot Tickling Therapy
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Part 5 Vivienne Velvet - Aggressive Corporal Punishment through Spanking Therapy

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