0160 - AJ Marion, Sandra Silvers, Lisa Harlotte, Vivienne Velvet, & Ruth Cassidy

14:38 video

Nurse Lisa Gives Extreme Foot Tickling Therapy to Mummified , Barefoot MILF as 3 Other Mummified MILFs watch!
Part 4 of 5
Continued from Update 0159

"Well, this one makes sense, " Lisa thinks to herself as she peruses the chart, "...after all, laughter IS the best medicine".  as she walks over to poor AJ, who is mummified and seated in a wheelchair, her legs propped up putting her bare feet in easy reach. AJ mmmphhs and coos at the nurse, and for a moment , thinks she is being spared.  Lisa removes the gag from around AJ's mount and head. and immediately AJ begs to be let go.  But her pleas fall on deaf ears.  Lisa has a job to do. And that job is to administer Extreme Foot Tickling Therapy to this patient.  The only way to know if the therapy is working is to be able to hear the laughter and squeals from the patient, so fore the duration, AJ will remain un-gagged.   Lisa attacks AJ's bare soles and between her toes with fingernails and even a toothbrush, between and during laughs and screams AJ pleads for mercy, but she's going to get a full measure of treatment for the prescribed amount of time no matter what! Mummified Vivienne looks on with wide eyes as Sandra continues to endure her mummified orgasms and Ruth concentrates on her nipple agony.  After the treatment is over AJ is Re-gagged. Lisa then checks the chart for her last patient...Vivienne Velvet...
Part 5 Vivienne Velvet - Aggressive Corporal Punishment through Spanking Therapy

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