0175 - AJ Marion

10:42 video

I was visiting my friend Specific Kink, and he let me try on some of his gear! I put on a large posture collar, and playfully tug on the ring. Next, I begin clasping leather straps around my legs starting with my ankles. The restrictive collar makes keeping my eyes on my task rather challenging. I shift positions, leaning over, arching back, and lifting my legs in the air. I sigh, blowing deliberately with relief.

I cinch another strap just above my knees.

“Other straps that are falling down.” I tell you as I reach into my sheer blouse.

I lift my skirt, exposing my thighs even more, and buckle the next strap in place. I try to look at what I'm doing, but the angle combined with the posture collar makes that nearly impossible. I take quick glances, my head bobbing up and down, as I secure the last leg strap.

I gently test my restraints, and caress my nylon covered legs. After a moment, I move my hair from my face and pick up a red ballgag. I place the ball between my teeth and pull the straps tight against my face. I coo and sigh as I free my hair. I show off my gag and reach for a luxurious leather armbinder, stroking the soft material.

Balancing in my peeptoe heels, I bend and flex, exploring this added impediment. I teeter in my stilettos, spinning and hopping around, stretching and straining, squeaking and chirping with my efforts. Eventually sitting down, I continue to wriggle and roam on the cushions, causing one of my straps to slide.

I find myself in my final position, hogtied on the sofa. I whimper and moan through my gag, a long trail of drool dripping from my lip. I manage to roll partially onto my side, but it barely provides any reprieve from the restraints. I whine and moan, exhausted, uncomfortable, helpless.

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