0176 - AJ Marion, Lizz Andrews, & David Andrews

13:20 video

I walk Lizz into the room, our stiletto heels clicking on the hardwood floor, and sit her down on the shiny sofa.  I sling a leg over her lap and straddle her as I grab a pair of satin panties for her mouth.  She attempts to resist me, pressing her lips forcefully together.  I grin while pinching her nose, waiting patiently for her need to breathe to overtake her.  Once I slip a little of the cloth into her mouth, it's only a touch more work to cram the rest in.

Her mouth nicely filled, I pick up a roll of silver tape to finish the job and seal it in.  Lizz bucks, trying to throw me off, but I balance long enough for David to grab a hold of her legs.  I wrap the tape around Lizz's head and smooth it down.  She bucks again, and I wrap myself around her and slide down her body, maintaining control.  I clutch her legs to my chest as she continues to struggle.  Eventually, David enters and binds her ankles.  She grunts through her gag as David grabs and gropes her roughly.

Left alone and unattended, Lizz stands and hops over to the window.  She pushes the curtain aside only to discover it blocked off.  She returns to the couch, annoyed and flops down.  She strains against her bonds and tries to untie her ankles, but just can't seem to free the knot.

“Aww, hello!  Look at you, you made it to the floor!” I exclaim as I saunter over to the sofa.  “You're very pretty on the floor.”

Lizz responds by giving us the finger, and sits up as David and I discuss how to further inhibit her mobility.  We XXXX her back to the floor, and I begin to maneuver her into a position for a hogtie, when David pulls my arms behind me.  He grips my wrists in one hand and cinches the rope into place.  Lizz rolls around on the floor, her ass completely exposed.  David lashes my elbows together, then drops me onto the cushions.  Pulling me upright, he takes the opportunity to shove a large pair of panties into my mouth while I'm disoriented.  He packs them into my cheeks and seals them in with the same tape I just used on Lizz.  I scooch away as he retrieves another bundle of rope.  I struggle and strain, grunting through my gag with my efforts.  David finishes tying my ankles and leaves us.  Completely fed up with the situation, Lizz pushes her pumps back onto her feet, and begins sliding across the floor, determined to escape.

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