Orc Transformation

10:23 video

I LOVE orcs! They are by far my favorite fantasy race. So strong, muscled and bad ass! They are almost always the "bad guys" in every story, but I think that just makes them sexier. If only they were real...
Oh well, I decide if I can't actually meet an orc, I'm going to try to be as tough and strong as one. I found this potion that is supposed to add muscle, strength and give you lots of energy, so I give it try. I don't expect to notice any changes immediately, but only a few minutes after I take it I start to get horrible stomach cramps and my hands are shaking. I look down and realize that my hands are actually changing -they're turning green! In fact my whole body is turning green. From my toes, all the way up my arms and legs. My skin burns as the green travels up my chest and neck. I feel so angry too! I've never felt so aggressive. What was in that potion? Why am I turning green? My voice turns husky and deep, far deeper than it usually is. As the green spreads over my face I wonder... is it possible? Am I turning into an orc? I don't have time to wonder much longer as my mouth and gums begin to ache. A pair of tusks sprouts from my mouth. I can't believe this is happening! I double over with pain. Moments later, however, I sit up. The pain is finally gone. I don't just feel better... I feel great! Strong, powerful and VERY horny. I don't know why I was making such a fuss. Being an orc is way better than being weak, little human. I relish in my new body, loving my green skin and raging libido. I decide to celebrate by going out to find some pathetic, foolish human to fuck.

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