Orc Femdom

11:40 video

Human males are so pathetic. Especially weak ones like you. You thought you'd be a big man, sneak into an orc war camp and get fucked by a hot female orc? Ha! Not with that tiny cock. You'd never be able to please an orc woman. Our men have cocks 3 times the size of even the largest human males'. You wanted the attention of lady orc so bad? Well, you're gonna get it, but maybe not in the way you planned. I whip out my fat orc strap-on dick and tell you if you want to make it out of here alive you better start sucking it. You're hesitant at first, but eventually you start to suck. Once you've gotten my cock all good and wet I fuck your face with it. Hmm... you're not bad at this. If I didn't know better I'd say you've done this before. Are you a good little cocksucker? Or maybe you just secretly crave some green dick? I can see that you're getting hard. I laugh at your tiny little erection. Is that really as big as it gets? I don't think you'll be of use to ANY woman that sad little thing. I think you're better off being used as a cock sleeve for the entire horde. That's right, when I'm done with you I'm going to share you with every orc in the camp! We're going to pound all of your holes and pump them full of hot cum -especially your tight little man pussy. Don't worry, after a few hard fucks it'll stretch. I tell you to whip out your tiny stump of a dick and stroke it while you suck my cock. I tell you that from now on the only time you're going to get to cum in when your holes are being stuffed full of green cock. There's no use in trying to escape, you're doomed to be a filthy horde slut, forever!

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