Mouse Girl Transformation

16:59 video

A custom transformation clip inspired by the movie: "The Witches" (1990)
I've just finished getting ready to go out, when someone invades my house. I tell them to leave or I'm calling the cops! But they quickly grab me and spew some strange green gas in my face. I cough and sputter, and struggle out of their grasp. But once I catch my breath I know something is wrong. My stomach begins to cramp and make funny gurgling noises. My belly starts to bloat and I feel sick. But I suddenly let out a burp, and immediately feel better. I sigh in relief. I have no idea what that was but it appears to be gone for now... But this is only the calm before the storm. I start twitching and convulsing. I can barely speak, let alone cry out for help. Suddenly I start spewing green gas from my mouth over and over again. Then I let out a loud fart, followed by even more green gas. At last it stops, but I notice something strange. I open my mouth and find that my front teeth have grown to twice their size! What is going on? I start convulsing again, stopping only when large mouse ears appear on top of my head! Oh my God! What is happening? I panic as my face starts to burn. Within seconds it has morphed into the face of a creature. A big pink nose, whiskers, brown fur... am I turning into a mouse?! I remove my gloves and find that my fingernails have grown into long talons. I feel a strange sensation in my ass -I'm growing a long mouse tail! I cry and scream for help, but there's nothing I can do. I lose my balance and fall to the floor on my hands and knees. I struggle and strain, but I'm unable to get up. Am I going to be stuck on all fours forever? I cry and plead to be changed back -I don't want to be a mouse! Slowly I start to shrink out of my clothes. I lay there, cringing on the floor completely naked. Then suddenly a funny sensation comes over me. I begin to lose control of my faculties and find myself laying down, all sprawled out. My pussy begins to rub against the carpet, and I get turned on. Soon I'm gyrating my hips and humping the floor. My mind goes completely blank until I cum hard, drenching the floor in my juices. I'm horribly embarrassed as I sit up, wondering what is to become of me. Then I feel it again -my mind slipping away. I try to fight it. Begging and pleading -I don't want to be a mouse! I cry until my voice turns into nothing but little squeaks, then I close my eyes as the last of my humanity slips away. When I wake up again, I can't even remember what it was like to be a human. I have become a mouse in both body and mind. All I can think about is scurrying around, and finding food. I look at my surroundings not recognizing a thing, so I run and hide under my former clothes.

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