Velma Breast Inflation

9:35 video

While wandering around another haunted house, Velma stumbles across a very interesting artifact. It appears to be some kind of chest. Cautiously she opens it up, but nothing happens and there's nothing inside. However there does appear to be some kind of inscription on the back. Velma is so engrossed in deciphering it, that she doesn't notice the bizarre changes happening to her body. Finally she looks to discover that her breasts have grown five times in size! They're huge! What is going on? Could the mysterious chest have caused this? Velma panics for a moment, but as she begins to touch and fondle her new gigantic breasts, she calms down. Maybe this isn't so bad. In fact... it's kind of sexy. Velma plays with her enormous boobs, and then another change comes over her. She's no longer interested in solving this mystery, all she can think about is her pussy. It's dripping wet and she's VERY horny. Velma can't help but take off her panties and play with her tingling pussy. She's never been so turned on in her life. It seems the gigantic breasts have also turned Velma into a gigantic slut. Soon she cums hard, but she knows she won't stay satisfied for long. Velma wonders if the chest might be able to make her butt big as well... 

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