Diaper Therapy

11:07 video

concentrate on anything, especially your work. But don't worry, I have a treatment plan that will help you out. My methods are unorthodox, but I think you'll find them effective. You agree to it, so I proceed to have you strip naked from the waist down. You're a little confused, but you comply. Then I have you lay down on the floor. Next I pull out what appears to be an adult size diaper! Now you're really confused! You tell me you don't want to be diapered, but I convince you this is all part of the process. You see, I've found that the best method for managing stress is through regression! Reluctantly you agree to continue and I slide the diaper under your bottom. I douse you with talcum powder and put your diaper tapes snugly into place. You're starting to get upset. You don't want to be treated like this! But I know how to handle fussy little ones. I pull out a pacifier and stick it in your mouth. Then I gather you up in my arms and gently rock you back and forth. You find yourself relaxing in my arms. All of your stress is melting away. Maybe this therapy works! You're so relaxed, in fact, that you don't even realize you're wetting your diaper! I do a diaper check and see that you've soaked it. You're a little upset, but I reassure you that I'm going to change you and put you in a dry diaper very soon. We're going to be doing this during all of your sessions from now on. You'll get to relax and let your counselor, Step-Mommy Ami, take good care of you.

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