Diaper Date Transformation

14:51 video

You and I just got back from an exciting first date. I tell you how much fun I had, and that I'm so happy you decided to come home with me for a little more fun. You're so sweet that I decide to confess to you my deepest fantasy. You see, I have a very particular diaper fetish. I love the crinkle of the diaper, and even wetting it. But my fetish goes even deeper than that... I like my diapers REALLY fresh. I like to go out on dates with innocents, unsuspecting guys like you, take them home and then with my magic powers turn them into new diapers for me to wear! You laugh at me saying that's ridiculous. You even say mean things and make fun of me. Well, since you were so sweet I had been considering letting you go, but not anymore. Looks like you're going to be my next diaper! I snap my fingers and you suddenly find yourself unable to move. You're frozen in place. I laugh as your face turns red from anger and embarrassment. You demand that I let you go, but I grow tired of your whining so I snap my fingers again and you are unable to speak. But in order to be a proper diaper you'll need to be the right size, so I snap my fingers and you start to shrink until you the size of diaper. I laugh at how tiny you are! You used to pride yourself on being a big, strong man but look at you now! Nothing but a little shrimp! Hmm... but you don't really look much like a diaper just yet. So I snap my fingers another time and suddenly your skin turns bright white and very crinkly. I poke you and you crinkle just like a diaper. Aw, don't look so sad! You're going to be much better off as a diaper! I just can't wait to wear you. In fact, I think it's time the transformation was complete! With one final snap of my fingers you feel your body begin to shrivel and morph. Your limbs disappear, and you suddenly feel very soft and cushiony. You are now my new diaper! And you're so cute! You look much better as a diaper than as a man. I waste no time in powdering my bottom and putting you on. I rub my crotch, pushing your cotton lining up against my pussy. But what's a diaper if I don't use it for its intended purpose? With a long sigh I let out a hot stream of piss. You are soon soaked in my pee, and are powerless to stop it. But being such an absorbent diaper you have no problem soaking it all up. Looks like you were a thirsty little diaper slave.

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