Velma Farts

7:28 video

Mystery Inc. is on another case! While snooping around a creepy, haunted house, Velma discovers an interesting looking bottle with a weird potion inside. Thinking it might have something to do with the case she opens it. Suddenly a weird, green, foul smelling gas erupts from the bottle. She coughs and sputters until the gas evaporates, but suddenly lets out a huge fart. Jinkies! It smells terrible. It smells kind of like the stuff that came out of that bottle! Shrugging it off she is about to go join the others when she lets out another one! She knew they shouldn't have stopped at that taco stand earlier. (That meat was probably expired!) Velma tries to make sense of her situation but just keeps on farting. What is going on?! Could this have something to do with that weird potion? Velma decides to just let it pass. She certainly doesn't want to be farting uncontrollably in front of the gang -she'd never live it down. Velma pulls up her skirt, hoping to let the gas pass more easily. Then takes down her panties, but no matter what she does the farts just keep on coming. How will she ever get out of this mess?

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