Magical Futa

12:20 video

I'm normally a very sexual person, but my sex drive has been really low, lately and I don't know why. I've tried everything from aphrodisiacs to self-help manuals to exercising and nothing works. As a last resort I've decided to try this interesting potion I found online. It's supposed to boost your sex drive considerably. I figure it's worth a shot, so I gulp it down and wait. I really hope this works. I begin to rub my crotch, hoping to feel something change... but it doesn't take me long to feel it! I feel this large lump in the front of my shorts. I unzip them and gasp at what I see... I've grown a huge cock all of sudden! There's no way this can be real! What am I going to do? What will my boyfriend think? I can't go to the hospital! How would I explain something like this? I try not to panic as I figure out a solution, but my hand begins to wander to my newly sprouted cock. I can't help but start to stroke it. Oh no, I can't get distracted! I have to figure out what to do... but I keep wanting to stroke my cock. I can't help it, I'm hornier than I've ever been in my life. My mind goes numb as all I can think about is jacking off. Perhaps I'll think a little more clearly once I've jerked off. So I wrap my fingers around my thick shaft and start wanking. I moan loudly at how good it feels. This is amazing! My cock is so sensitive, every little touch drives me wild. I see precum oozing from the head of my cock so I taste myself. It only turns me on more. I stroke faster and faster until I drench myself in my own cum. I lay there gasping from my intense orgasm as I lick the cum off my fingertips. To my amazement -I'm still hard! This potion really works! I can't wait to show my boyfriend. I'm sure he won't mind. I hope I still have some cum left for him, because I plan to wank it few more times before he gets back!

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