Diaper Monkey Girl

19 photos; 14:25 video

Your cute little monkey girlfriend has a confession: I want to wear diapers with you! I know how much you love it and how much it means to you, so I want to give it a try. Are you wearing one right now? I reach out to stroke your crotch. Oh, looks like you are well padded! You let me pick out which diaper I want from your collection. I find one that has cute little apes on it -just like me! I cut out a hole for the tail and after liberally powdering myself seal the tapes into place. I fall in love with it immediately. It's so soft and crinkly. I blush as I confess that I want to try using it. You agree to wet your diaper along with me, so I won't feel so nervous. With a long sigh I let go and fill my diaper -I really had to pee! Soon my diaper is soaked and so warm. I love how squishy it is too. Then I have another confession: I want to rub our diapers together until we both cum. You're already hard from seeing me in a soaking wet diaper, so you're happy to oblige. I turn around so you can see my cute little tail bouncing up and down on my diaper as I rub my padded crotch on yours. I grind my hips against yours until we both cum hard in our diapers together. Feeling satisfied I lay back with a smile on my face. I've realized that I don't just want to be your diaper girlfriend on occasion -I want to stay diapered for you all the time!

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