Diaper Tales: Goldilocks

12:13 video

Goldilocks has been living with the 3 bears for a while now, and it's been going great! Their beds are so comfy. In fact, she rested so deeply that she accidentally wets the bed. Oh no! The 3 bears are going to be so mad! They've been working very hard to get Goldie potty trained. Well looks like it's back into diapers for a bit for Goldie. She manages to find three different types of diapers in the house. The first is a Goodnites pull-up. It's very cute, but when she tries it on she realizes it's much too small to hold her big wets. The next one she tries is a Depends. But it's far too thin and not nearly crinkly enough for a big babygirl like Goldilocks. Finally she tries an Abena M4, and from the minute she puts it on she knows this is much better. This diaper is the perfect size, and very thick! But the ultimate test is in how well is hold her pee. Goldilocks lets out a long sigh as she wets her diaper. She watches as it expands, but never seems to leak. It even has a little color changing strip that shows when you wet. Goldilocks is so happy. (To be honest, she never really wanted to be potty trained anyway.) It seems this diaper is just right!

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