Sweater Inflation

13:29 video

I just bought this new sweater, but it's a little big for me. Maybe if I had bigger boobs, it would fit better. Oh well... But suddenly something strange starts to happen. I look down and my chest is growing! My tits grow larger and larger... and even LARGER until they are over 10 times their original size. This is not what I had in mind! That's what I get for ordering something off of Wish! But once the initial shock wears off, I start to like my new super-sized tits. Maybe this isn't so bad after all. I play with them and watch them bounce. But just as I'm getting used to them, they shrink back to their original size. How weird. I guess nothing lasts forever. I lay on my bed, my mind still reeling from my experience, when my gut begins to gurgle. I look down to see that my belly is expanding! Oh no! It's getting so huge! It won't stop! What am I going to do? And my breasts are growing again too. At this rate I'm going to be busting out of all of my clothes! Finally the inflating stops. I'm so big and heavy. But like before, I start to get used to it. Maybe being huge like this will be fun. Now I have an excuse to buy a whole new wardrobe! Besides my tits and gut are so jiggly and bouncy! Then my belly and boobs start growing again. Oh no! It won't stop! I'm already stretched so far as it is! I can't get any bigger or I'll pop! But there's nothing I can do but let my belly and boobs continue to expand -with no idea just how big I'm going to get...

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