Powerpuff Girls Diaper Power

17:28 video

The Powerpuff Girls are snoozing softly when Bubbles wakes up with a wet diaper. She wakes Blossom and asks her to change her diaper. Blossom starts to change her when Buttercup wakes up and starts teasing Bubbles. Blossom tries to stop their fighting, but soon Bubbles is crying, so Blossom agrees to put a diaper on herself to make Bubbles feel better and to show Buttercup there's nothing wrong with diapers. Once she puts it on, Buttercup starts making fun of both of them, and Blossom hits her with her own pillow in retaliation. But once she lifts Buttercup's pillow she sees a diaper and a hitachi there. Buttercup confesses that she actually likes diapers too and she likes to do some extra fun and naughty things in them. She puts on a diaper also, and tells the girls it feels better with a wet diaper. Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup all wet their diapers together. Then Buttercup pulls out the hitachi and uses it on Blossom first. She moans as she feels the vibrations through the soaking diaper and onto her pussy. Next Buttercup uses it on Bubbles who also enjoys how it feels. Soon all of the girls are horny and they make-out. They grind their wet diapers against one another and take turns with the hitachi until they all cum hard. As they relax after their hot diaper session, the phone rings. Blossom answers it and it's the Mayor. Apparently Mojo Jojo is attacking Townsville! He's on a rampage! The PPG need to go and fight him now! Unfortunately they don't have enough time to change, so they are going to have to battle Mojo in their soaking wet diapers!

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