Hucow Breeding

12:49 video

For the past several months you've been training me to be your hucow girlfriend. At first, I didn't like it, but I've come to enjoy my new life as your dumb little plaything. But I'm ready for the next step -I want you to breed me. Yes, I want you to get this stupid little cow pregnant. That's what I'm good for. Before I began my training I used to worry about work, and my weight and all sorts of stressful things, but now I don't have to worry about anything! All I have to do is lay around and give milk all day... and think about getting knocked up. Oh please, fuck my tight little pussy and get me pregnant. Get this belly nice and fat. I don't worry about gaining weight anymore! Now that I am a cow I can get as fat as I want. With the high fat diet you've put me on, the weight is just piling on me. I have a nice pair of baby-making hips now! And I know I'll get even fatter once you breed me. I can't wait! I want you to make me big and fat -just like a healthy hucow should be. I want you to breed me over and over again, so these titties get even more filled with milk! The hormones you've been giving me not only help my breasts get bigger -they've made me lactate too! I have to be milked every day. It feels so good when I'm milked -I'll bet it'll feel even better once I've been bred. I think every time my titties are drained, my brain gets drained too. I used to be a smart girl, but since I've been trained to be a hucow my IQ has dropped, and I'm only getting dumber. Soon I'll be nothing more than a mindless bimbo only concerned with spreading her legs. But that's fine with me. I can barely even remember what it was like to be a normal woman, anyway. I'm so much happier now! All I care about now is your cock deep in my pussy, drenching it in cum until I'm good and knocked up. Oh please, fuck me! I need to be bred! I'm dripping wet and waiting for you to shove your cock inside me and make me your devoted little breeder bitch.

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