Diaper Regression Disease

12:16 video


I'm a bitchy mean girl and I bump into you in the waiting room at the doctor's office, and I'm very rude about it. I snap at you to get out of my way. I sit down across from you, but I notice something is a little off about you. I hear crinkling and see that your pants are bulky. I ask if you are wearing a diaper. You tell me that you are and I immediately comment on how "gross" that is. Suddenly you let out a loud sneeze all over me. Ew! You tell me that you have a diaper disease that is transmissable through sneezing. I laugh it off, but a few moments later a big puffy diaper appears beneath my skirt! Furious, I tell you to make it go away, but you can't. Then my stomach begins to gurgle and I am unable to control my bladder as I wet my diaper! I'm so upset, demanding that you make this go away, but things are about to get worse. My stomach is gurgling again and cramping. There's no way I can stop it -I mess my diaper right in front of you. For a moment I'm upset, feeling all sticky and gooey in my thick diaper... but then a change comes over me. Suddenly I don't mind being in a diaper, or wetting and messing in it. It makes my big bubble butt even bigger! The receptionist lets me know it's time for me to see the doctor, but before I leave I flirt with you. I ask if you're doing something later that night, and if we could hang out in our diapers together...

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