Unaware Kitchen Giantesses

10:08 video

You find yourself in the stylish kitchen of two tall, and beautiful giantesses. You sneak around as they go about cleaning the kitchen. They don't seem to notice you at all as you climb onto the counterop and watch them quietly. You fall into the sink, but manage to climb your way out before being rinsed down the drain. You fall to the floor and watch their huge feet stromp around the tiles and nearly squish you. You climb back onto the counterop, just as they turn on the fan. The fan is so powerful, and you are so tiny, that it blows you right back to the floor again. You scurry around but one of them accidentally sweeps you up into dustpan. Luckily you manage to dive off just before being dumped into the trashcan. You climb onto the stove where one of the giantesses is placing a tea kettle, she places it right on top of you, and for a moment you're trapped beneath it. However you manage to wriggle free and shuffle to the floor again, dodging the giantesses' beautiful feet. They open the fridge and you decide to jump in and see what snacks they have, only for them to shut the door quickly and trap you inside. You hope they come back and open it again soon!

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