Cheerleader Naked

7:05 video

I can't believe it! I tried out and made it on the cheerleading team! I'm so surprised they let in a nerd girl like me. I must have really wow'd them at the audition! I just picked up my cheerleading uniform and it looks so cute! I decide to do a little practice in my room so I'll be ready for tomorrow. I jump around and play with my pom-poms, dreaming of being one of the cool girls. But unbeknownst to me, this cheerleading uniform has a curse put upon it. As soon as someone puts it on, it begins to disappear... and any other undergarments along with it! But I'm having so much fun, at first I don't notice my top vanishing. When I look down, I finally notice it's gone and I'm so upset! How could this happen? What is going on? I decide to continue on with my practice, but then my skirt disappears too! Now I'm really freaking out! My whole uniform is gone! What am I going to do at practice tomorrow? As I'm pondering this, however, my bra disappears... and then my panties soon after. I'm so embarrassed! What is happening? I sure hope this doesn't happen at school tomorrow. I cover myself with my hands and look for something to put on. I should have known the cool girls would never let a nerd like me join the cheerleading team.

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