Velma Diapered

7:49 video

Velma confesses that she's been feeling some burnout lately with mystery solving. It's always the same thing every time: People say the house is haunted, the Mystery Gang go to investigate, and it always turns out to be some rich guy in a costume. And there's been so many cases lately, that even brainy Velma is feeling overwhelmed. She sighs and goes back to investigating this strange box that has something to do with her next case. She so focused, however, that she doesn't notice the strange change taking place. Velma realizes something is off and she looks down to find that her panties have been replaced with a big, puffy diaper! What is going on?! She tries to remove it but it won't budge. She struggles for a bit until she realizes she has to pee! Oh no! She doesn't want to wet her diaper! How embarrassing would that be? But she has no choice. Velma has lost all control of her bladder and she ends up soaking her diaper right there! Could that strange box be causing this? She is upset for a moment, but soon Velma begins to rethink her situation. She is suddenly feeling a lot less stressed, if she's being honest. The diaper is thick, but it also feels so warm, soft and safe... Maybe this is exactly what she's been wishing for. 

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