Cheerleader Farts

9:19 video

I'm a popular cheerleader and I'm stuck in detention with you, the biggest nerd in school. I'm not pleased with this, and just tell you not to talk to me while I get my homework done. But you have a nasty little trick up your sleeve. You have the ability to make anyone fart with just a flick of your fingertips. I'm trying my best to ignore you while I do my homework when suddenly I let out a huge fart. I immediately apologize, but you say it's no big deal. I go back to my work, and then I let out another one... and then another one. What is going on? Where is the teacher? Maybe I should get a hall pass and go to the bathroom and let all of these out. But since she's not here, I have no choice but to stand up, squat and just squeeze them out until they're gone. You inform me that it's not a problem for you. You don't mind. In fact, you LIKE my farts. So I just keep letting them rip until I notice that you're laughing. I ask what's going on, and you confess that you are the one making me fart! This is your revenge for me being such a bitch to you. I tell you to stop, and you say that I have to let out a few more first. I agree, but unbeknownst to me you have no intention of stopping. Not until you've had your fun, anyway. So I just keep on farting over and over again...

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