Coworker Diaper Regression

10:06 video

I have this coworker who is a total simp. Everyday he fawns over me and it's absolutely pathetic. Today he brought me some candies though, so at least he's useful. I nibble on the candies during my lunch break and then I decide to rest a bit before getting back to work. I lay back on the couch in my office, but while I'm relaxing something strange is happening without me even noticing. When I awaken I realize something is wrong. I pull down my skirt to reveal a big, puffy adult diaper underneath! What is going on? Is this some kind of practical joke? I try to peel it off, but it won't budge. I stop and think for a bit, trying not to panic. While I'm deep in thought, I begin to suck my thumb without even thinking about it! That's so weird! But it does feel kind of nice, actually, and it does calm me down. While I'm sucking my thumb something else starts to happen... I lose control of my bladder and wet my diaper! This is so embarrassing! What is going on? I start to cry when things get even worse... I have to go number 2! I try my best to fight it, but I can't hold it in. I've lost all control of my bowels. I have no choice but to squat and let it happen. I groan as I mess my diaper. After filling it, I collapse on the couch. A few seconds later I snap upright. I am now wearing a big purple onesie and I have a big pacifier in my mouth. I no longer care that I am wearing a diaper. In fact, I love how squishy and messy it feels. I can't remember why I was so upset before. All I want to do now is suck on my paci, be a good babygirl and wait for my Step-Daddy to come and change me. Unbeknownst to me, those candies my coworker gave me were magical and caused me to regress completely. Now my pathetic coworker is going to my Step-Daddy and I get to be his cute little diaper girl forever!

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