Cheerleader Diaper Humiliation

10:50 video

I'm the head cheerleader and caught you perving again in the locker room. I never miss an opportunity to pick on you and your weird little diaper fetish, though. I take your backpack and start rifling through it, where I find two whole diapers, baby powder and a paci. So pathetic! You're not even incontinent -you just wear it because you have a fetish! I don't know what's worse.
Well you've had enough of my cruel teasing. Unbeknownst to me, you've been practicing a magic trick that will place a diaper on my bottom. With just a snap of your fingers, suddenly I'm wearing a thick, white diaper! I freak out and demand that you change me back into my panties. You snap your fingers again and a strange sensation comes over me. I suddenly have to pee and I have no way to stop it! I soak my diaper right in front of you. How humiliating! But I'm still so bossy and demanding, you decide I haven't learned my lesson. With one last snap of your fingers I feel a little pressure in my tummy. Oh no! I beg you to stop it, and even apologize and try to be nice, but it's way too late. I mess my diaper FULL in front of you. By now I'm crying and throwing a fit. Finally I tell you'll I'll do anything if you just get me out of this diaper and swear not to tell anyone. You make a deal with me... In exchange for your silence, I have to swear to be your little diaper girl from now on and forever!

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