Beast Bondage

10:38 video

Rogue and Beastette just finished up in the danger room after a particularly difficult practice. As they sit down to rest Rogue tells Beastette that she would like to try something. She pulls out some rope and explains that she would like to learn how to tie people up to restrain them, seeing as how her mutant power has a tendency to completely drain people she touches. She thinks learning how to tie up her adversaries would be much better, and she asks if she could practice on Beastette. Being well-invested in her education and career at Xavier's, Beastette agrees. Rogue starts to carefully tie up her professor, little by little starting with her ankles, then her knees, next her hands, and finally her chest. She completes the process by putting a gag in the blue doctor's mouth. Rogue then announces she is going to go get Professor Xavier so he can have a look, and walks away leaving Beastette stranded. She struggles against the ropes, mumbling for help against the gag, with no idea of when Rogue will return.

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