Giantesses Tease Step Brother

8:10 video

You’re our big step-bro, and your two step-sisters (me and Maleka) have had enough of you bossing us around. So we took a potion to become giants! Now WE are the big step-siblings, and you’re just a little shrimp. Now it’s pay back time! We tease you by threatening to stomp on you and squish you. We take turns pretending to eat you! And then laughing when you get all upset and scared. Not such a big man now, are you? Maleka squishes you between her big stinky toes, and I smush you between my breasts. You beg and plead for us to let you go, but it’s no use. Maybe after a little time under Maleka’s armpits, you’ll understand who is in charge! I laugh even harder as I stuff you between my thighs and make you smell my wet, sweaty pussy through my shorts. Finally I decide to just stuff you in my pocket and carry you around while Maleka and I go have some fun before the potion wears off.

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