Werewolf Clothing Destruction

9:27 video

I just ordered this new pair of pants, but they simply will not fit! Companies just do not make clothes for werewolves! However will I get my big, clawed feet and fuzzy legs through these? Maybe I should just return them... Or maybe I should implement a classic werewolf fashion statement and just rip them to shreds until they fit! I start by ripping the legs open. But I don't stop there. I just keep ripping until the legs are nothing by long strips all the way to the knees. I love the sound of the fabric ripping as the threads pop one by one. But now I'm having a hard time getting it over my bottom and tail. I had a big butt even before I became a werewolf, but now it's even worse. I strain and grunt as I try to yank them over my big butt. Finally I decide to just a rip a nice big hole, with my claws, so my tail can bust through. Now my pants fit perfectly. I'm going to look so good when I go out hunting with my pack tonight.

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