Hotel Room Giantesses

8:23 video

You’ve snuck into the hotel room of three tall and beautiful giantesses. They are so excited to be on vacation that they don’t even notice you, a tiny little man, scurrying around them. They are all so gorgeous you just can’t stop staring at them. You sneak around trying not to get stepped on, you even climb onto the dresser to get a better look, but one of them accidentally knocks you down when she goes to grab her water bottle. You recover quickly and run over to the bed where you hide beneath one of the pillows. That is until one of the giantesses picks up the pillow to fluff it, nearly squishing you in the process. You race over to the trash can, but losing your balance you fall in. You run all over the room, trying to gawk at them but no matter where you go you seem to be in harms way. Finally the girls go into the bathroom. You follow them over and climb onto the toilet, but when one of them flushes you lose your balance and fall in!

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